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30% Off Everything at World Market!

STOP EVERYTHING! World Market is having their Friends and Family event and everything is 30% off! I just thought you guys should know, because ya know, you’re my friends and family. Also World Market is freaking amazing. So lets just have a post party about it ok?

I spent hours last night combing through their site with a fine tooth comb and rounded up my 16 MUST HAVE finds.


Wooden Mirror | White Desk | Orange Pillow | Lotus Light



Leather Chair | Oversized Bulb | Wishbone Chair | Area Rug


Globe Sconce | Beaded Light | Rattan Chairs | Area Rug


Pendant Light | Area Rug | Ceramic Planter | Beach Art

Don’t forget to enter the code FFWORLD at checkout to get 30% off + Free Shipping on orders over $200!

Happy Weekending friends!


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