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A huge thanks

Floret Dahlias-7Did you happen to hear me shout “Wooohoo!!!!” this week?  I swear I shouted loud enough for half the continent to hear.

The first “Woohoo!” was uttered when we divided the very last dahlia clump, bringing the total to 11,008 dahlia tubers sorted, labeled and ready to ship to flower lovers starting in April.  It was all part of what we affectionately called “The Great Dahlia Divide” of 2016.

Floret Dahlias-6 Floret Dahlias-5Floret Dahlias-9It was all hands on deck to tackle this monster of a project.  One of our former team members, Vanessa, even flew in from her flower farm in New Hampshire to lend a hand for the week.  A serious hustler, she made quick work of organizing everything and everyone to make the process go smoothly.  With some hip hop blaring in the background and a greenhouse full of helpers (big and small) we busted out the project in a matter of six days.

The next big step:  prepping the shop for shipping. We’ll begin boxing up and sending these babies starting the first week of April.  I know I’ll be asked, so I thought I’d share it now: sorry, but we do not have any extras to sell. But there are big plans for next year and I promise to keep you posted.

Floret Dahlias-10Floret Dahlias-11 Floret Dahlias-8 Floret Dahlias-4The second big “Woohoo!” of the week came when I learned that Floret was just named one of Better Homes and Gardens’ Best Gardening Blogs, having won the “Readers’ Pick” Award.  Wow. What a HUGE honor!

A big shout-out to all of our faithful readers and flower friends who cast votes for Floret during their voting period.  I’m so incredibly grateful for your kind words and enthusiastic support for me, my family and the team here at Floret.  A huge thanks also to the editors of Better Homes and Gardens for considering Floret for this honor.

FullSizeRender 3And as if this week couldn’t get any better, I just got the latest issue of Victoria magazine in the mail, which includes a big feature on our farm and Floret Seeds.  The six page spread has lots of beautiful images from the time photographer Georgianna Lane visited our farm to capture the fields in full bloom.  The May/June issue will be out on newsstands soon, so be sure to pick up a copy when it comes out. I’m so excited for you to see it!

One last little note on this Friday afternoon.  I’ll be sharing a special new project next week, so make sure you are signed up for my mailing list, as subscribers are always the first to get Floret’s news and announcements.  Sign up here. 

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