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All The Nitty Gritty Specs on My In-Law’s Kitchen

Hey guys!! I’ve done some digging, and loads of internet searching to find all the info and sources about my In-law’s kitchen!! Are you ready for this?

First off I need to clarify the question that I got asked the most, about the barstools. I thought that they were from HomeDepot.com, turns out they are actually from Overstock. I’m hoping you’ll forgive my oversight when I tell you that they are only $138 FOR A PAIR. A PAIR!! We got the Natural Oak with Beige fabric and didn’t spend a million dollars, so win win.

For their kitchen cabinets, the inlaws bucked the traditional painted wood in favor of laminate! The laminate is made by WilsonArt and its Black with a Lineary finish.

The low profile finger pulls can be found here, they used satin nickel for the finish.

The open shelving was made by the cabinet guys (sorry we don’t have a tutorial!) its maple with just a clear coat on it (no stain which was apparently blowing the cabinet guy’s minds a little).

How great is the backsplash tile? Its this one. Instead of going with white or grey grout, we used a dark taupe called Truffle. Guys. I can’t believe it but I think my heart of stone is softening a little to this taupey family. Not that I support it in every instance, but it was 100% the right choice to warm up the grout. Are you shocked? Do you want to disown me as your friend!? WHO AM I AND WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!?

All of their appliances are from Home Depot, they bought them last year during the Black Friday sale and saved thousands. The fridge is quite literally everything my father in law has dreamed of his entire life. He LOVES it. One side is a freezer, and the other is a fridge. The crazy thing is that it didn’t cost much more than a lot of standard fridges (about $5000) and its massive. The double oven and dishwasher are also from Home Depot.

The pendant lights are obviously the star of the show and from West Elm (and currently on major sale for $119!!)

The sink and faucet are from Elkay, you can get all the info on those here!

I can’t wait to show you guys the living room, its next!!



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