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Amy’s Guest Room Overhaul + Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color Of The Year

Hey hey!! I’ve got a fun room makeover for you today! My sister Amy just moved to Vegas from Texas, and I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful that makes my heart feel. So naturally, I had to welcome her with a room makeover right?!

We decided to start off with her guest room,and going into it we were quite literally starting with a blank slate.

Using Sherwin-Williams® 2018 Color of the Year, Oceanside SW 6496 we turned it into this stunner:

Aren’t you so in love with that wall color?! When I found out that the 2018 Color of the Year was Oceanside my first thought was “well, that’s bold” and it is, but in a laid back enough way that everyone can pull it off! I paired it with Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color of the Year Alabaster SW 7008 (remember the baby’s nursery? Man I loved that room.), and it created this amazing balance between light and dark. I used Emerald® Interior   for the paint, I’ve got a whole post diving into paint sheen, but I used matte to minimize the wall texture as much as I could.

I didn’t use a ton of color anywhere else because the wall is the very clear star of the show. Just a little terra cotta here and there, mixed woods, and camel leather, with lots of greenery (and how great does the Vintage Green letter board look?!)

So lets dive into the design, shall we?

The bed. *Sigh* the first time we locked eyes in Ikea I knew it needed to be macramed within an inch of its life and I’ve been plotting ever since (it only goes up to a queen size, so that was my problem).

I LOVE how it turned out. The knots that I used are ultra basic, and anyone can do this project! I got the rope from Knot and Rope Supply and ordered a 600 ft spool. We ended up using about 1/2 of it for this project…which means another one is probably in my future, you know so I can stare and pet it every day.

Oceanside is such a commanding color, mixed with anything else remotely vibrant the space could go full on colorfest faster than you can say Punky. I pared it with a lot of muted colors.  The oversized pillow on the bed is this rug from World Market and some stuffing! Check out how the geniuses at Sherwin-Williams created a space and got more complimentary color ideas!

On the wall by the window I used one of my vintage maps (remember when I used one in the $939 bathroom makeover?) These aren’t the kind of things that you just give up, so I figure if the people in my family have them than at least I know if I need to break in and steal it they likely won’t press charges…

Murfey Jean is a huge fan.

Full source list post is coming tomorrow!

HUGE thank you to Sherwin-Williams for partnering up with me on this fun project!!

Congratulations to Lauren Silveira for winning the social giveaway we hosted for the Color of the Year earlier this week! She won a design consultation from me, five gallons of Sherwin-Williams paint and a gift card from West Elm.

If you’d like additional inspiration for styling a room featuring Oceanside SW 6496, you can enlist some help from West Elm’s knowledgeable Design Crew to help select furniture, home accessories and more.

Tell me what you think the 2018 Color of the Year, do you think you could picture it in your house?!

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