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Did I mention this post would be about demo? 😂 Guys we’ve been eat, sleep, and breathing sheetrock dust around these parts! The Merc renovation is in full swing and things seem (in my opinion) to be moving really quickly!

So hows it going!? Honestly I’m exhausted. Physical labor for 10+ hours a day is no joke but in the southern Utah heat it is freakin’ brutal, I don’t know how I haven’t lost 15 lbs. cause I’ve definitely sweated out that much.

We’ve already had some fun discoveries. The concrete cutters have been here for the last 3 days. Its so funny, when we told our friends that we were having the concrete cut professionally a few of them were like “oh no, its totally a DIY job. You could have saved so much money by renting the cutter and doing it yourself.” We were feeling a little like maybe that would have been a better choice until we saw THIS…


Yes if you have a normal 4″ slab DIYing that would be a great option but I AM SO GLAD that we didn’t try to DIY this. It would have taken us 3 months. Literally. These things are like boulders. We aren’t sure what the grand total for the job is but I’ll definitely let you guys know what it comes back at!

One of the most satisfying phases of demo was taking out the wall the separated the entryway from the kitchen. (In the picture below you can see the wood planked section of the wall, that is going to be our front door!)

This picture is standing in the entryway looking into the kitchen.

We still have some possible demo in the back bedroom to do, but hopefully we can get that situated and move on from this dusty hell.

I’ve had so much fun figuring out how to vlog all of this, here are our day 2 and 3 videos! (Day 3 is my fave, it gives you some serious insight into my marriage….)

See you guys tomorrow!



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