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DIY Scandinavian Shiplap

Lets get chatting about the AMAZING wall treatment!! When I was designing Aspyn’s house, based on the info she provided, I knew that we would need to do some sort of wall treatment that added texture as opposed to adding color (which would have been too much cause of the pink couch) or leaving it alone (it would still look builder grade). The vibe I was leaning toward was something warm and fresh.

Now, we all love a good shiplap (except Court, he hates shiplap) but this needed to be something different. After searching for a bit I found this picture. I think I searched welcoming cabin or warm plank walls or something along those lines.

I loved the alternating style so much I thought my heart was going to explode, but the thickness and size of the boards were too hefty so I changed them up a little.

I started by deciding that we were going to use 1×4’s for the vertical boards and 1×2’s for the horizontal boards. Both of these sizes are extremely inexpensive, I’m pretty sure this wall treatment cost less than $100.

You’ll need:

Saw (this one is GREAT for Beginner-Intermediates)
Stud Finder
Wood (I think we bought 25-30 of each size board)

We started by painting the boards. There is always a conversation that happens at our house when we tackle a project like this. Court thinks we should paint first, I always opt to paint after they are installed. I think that he’s right overtime we do it, but still, the conversation keeps happening. Its like the freaking twilight zone. Good thing he’s patient with my annoying quirks.

We painted just the front side of the 1×4’s and painted 3 sides of the 1×2’s.

We started by marking where our studs were on the wall. I used a level and drew a vertical line all the way up so that no matter how high the shiplap was going up, we’d always be able to nail it into the studs.


We started by installing a 1×4 against the baseboard. Next we put a 1×2 on top of it (horizontally) and nailed the 1×2 into the 1×4 (not into the wall). Then we added another 1×4 and so on!


As you’re installing your boards, stop every 3-4 rows and make sure that its still level!

After everything was installed I went back with a paint brush and touched up the nail holes and the cut ends.

Doesn’t it add just the perfect amount of cozy texture to the space?

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