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DIY Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree

Its the most wonderful time of the year!!! Every Christmas I try to experiment with something new, and this year I’ve found my inspiration! I’ve teamed up with the one and only Martha Stewart (remember how we are actually sort of in real life friends?) to share this DIY Wooden Dowel Tree project. If you’re into modern, simplistic, and minimalist decor this project is for you!!


To get started you’ll need:


(1) 1in x 48in (for trunk)
(2) 3⁄8in x 48in
(2) 5/16in x 48in
(1) 1⁄4in x 48in

miter box
miter saw
3⁄4in plywood or MDF – 9in x 9in piece
drill bits: 1⁄4in, 3⁄8in , 5⁄16in, 1in spade bit
blue tape
wood glue

Here’s your cut list:

  • (2) 3⁄8in branches, 14in long
  • (2) 3⁄8in branches, 13in long
  • (2) 3⁄8in branches, 12in long
  • (2) 3⁄8in branches, 103⁄4in long
  • (2) 3⁄8in branches, 93⁄4in long
  • (2) 3⁄8in branches, 83⁄4in long
  • (2) 5⁄16in branches, 73⁄4in long
  • (2) 5⁄16in branches, 7in long
  • (2) 5⁄16in branches, 6in long
  • (2) 5⁄16in branches, 5in long
  • (2) 1⁄4in branches, 41⁄4in long
  • (2) 1⁄4in branches, 31⁄2in long
  • (2) 1⁄4in branches, 21⁄2in long


Use the 1″ Spade bit to drill hole into your tree base.


Print off the pattern template found here. Wrap it around your 1″ dowel and secure it with painters tape.

You’ll need 3 drill bits that will correspond with the size of your dowel branches. 3/8, 5/16, 1/4.

The trick to getting all of the branches pointing upward at the same angle is to use an adjustable T Bevel ($10 at Home Depot) You set it to the angle that you want and then use it as a guide while your drilling!



diy-wooden-dowel-christmas-tree-supplies-vintagerevivals-com-5Another tip is to start drilling straight into your dowel, after you have the tip of the drill bit inside, then start on your angle. This will keep your drill bit from skipping around and give you a nice clean entry point.


Once everything is drilled, its time to assemble! Start by putting the larger longer branches in the lower parts of your dowel and build up!




So adorable right?!! Now its time to decorate!! Martha, the queen of everything has some incredible holiday collections this year at The Home Depot, my favorite is the Alpine collection. The ornament colors are so bright and happy, and the best part is that they are shatterproof. I’ve forgotten just how entrancing colorful hanging balls can be for babies!



If you want a step by step video of Martha creating this project herself you can check that out here!

You can also see the entire holiday collection here (there are some other FAB tutorials, so follow that link and get inspired!!)  Can you image this thing 8 feet tall??! I am soooooo doing that this year, stay tuned!
Also Martha will be doing 2 Facebook Lives about holiday decorating with her line at the Home Depot on November 14 and 21 both at 4:00 pm EST. One will be dedicated to indoor décor and the other to outdoor.  I wonder if Snoop Dog will show up?! Huge thanks to my friends at The Home Depot and Martha Stewart Living for teaming up with me on this project!

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