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Durango’s Restaurant Reveal

Well this is awkward. Remember like um….6 months ago when we finished up our yearlong makeover of Durango’s? Of course you don’t, cause I never told you about it. Sorry about that….If you’re a St. George local you’ve hopefully been in and enjoyed it. For the rest of the world, let me give you a tour! I feel like I also need to qualify that while it did take us a year, we were only working on Sunday afternoons because we didn’t want to close during the remodel. So. If you’re embarking on something similar just know that it will take a lifetime if you do it like we did! 😉

Durango’s is our family’s restaurant. My Father in Law opened it in 2003 and Court has been there since then too. Its sort of crazy to think, man where does the time go!? So for the last 14 years its been like this:




What started off as opening the space up and changing things a little turned into an entire rebrand and honestly we couldn’t be happier about it (that is one good thing about having it finished for a good chunk of time, we can look and see how much business has grown because of it!) The first and most important thing of the redesign was brightening everything up. Not going to lie, Court wasn’t super enthused when I told him that I wanted to paint everything white (because people) but it makes everything feel clean, because it has to be clean.

We started with demo, as one does. You can read all about that here.




I loved the idea of the wall being the same, just updated, so we painted a simple white line mural of the old facade on the wall.



Then we bricked the wall and the archway (if you need a tutorial on that, check that out here!)



Then we just chipped away project after project, until we ended up with this:

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-2

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-4

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-5

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-9

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-10

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-23

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-12

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-16

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-17

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-19

Durangos Mexican Grill St. George Utah-1

Pretty fantastic right?!


Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-4


Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover-2

Durangos Mexican Grill Makeover

I will say that designing a restaurant was WAY different than a house. Everything has to be completely functional in every aspect before you can even begin to worry about what it looks like. The lights had to be high enough that even the most wonderful of teenage boys wouldn’t be tempted to touch them. Same with the cactus. I LOVE how it turned out and wish that the pictures captured it better, I guess you’ll just have to make a trip to see it yourself!

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