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Foster Family Playhouses Revealed!

It’s one of my favorite times of the year!! Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week is upon us and I think this year’s project is my favorite. Sherwin-Williams asked this year if I would pick a cause in my community as the recipient of my National Painting Week project. It could be a charity, a family in need, an organization, really anything or anyone to give a little bit of service to. I thought long and hard about it. I prayed about it. One day after chatting with Cara a light bulb turned on and I knew just what I wanted to do. The organization that I chose is Utah Foster Care. Having a friend go through the foster process has totally opened my eyes to it. I have so much respect for those that open their homes and transform the lives of countless children with their love.

The plan was to impact as many families as we could, so with the help of Utah Foster Care we chose 3 families in Southern Utah and built the world’s cutest playhouses for them.

I wanted each playhouse to be completely different, just like each family (don’t worry, I’ve got tutorials coming for each of them!) I love how each one turned out. It was so funny, when we were building them there was all of this worry that they would be too tiny but then I realized when I was a kid, we would have played with anything and LOVED it. I hope these cute kiddos feel the same way.

I’m emotional by nature but delivering these houses just about did me in. It was the best feeling in the world to share them with these families that are doing such great things.

The A-Frame house is giving off some serious vintage summer camp vibes, and how cute are those chairs?!

This little house went to the Solward’s. This sweet family, there are just not words. Just last month they adopted 4 siblings, bringing their grand total to 11 kiddos.

Their oldest daughter Lucinda submitted the sweetest letter (she’s the one right below Court in the picture above) just a heads up, you’re going to want a tissue.

What an incredible family!!

Up next is this modern hideaway.

This little hideaway is all about accenting the natural cedar with a solid grey. The color that I chose is called Mercury and its one of my new favorites. Its a little icy and so so good. The product that I used is SuperDeck and it is so cool, its definitely not your normal exterior paint. Its made specifically for outdoor surfaces like decking.

This house went to the Rohr family who have had 14 children come through their home, most of them under 10. Amazing!!


And last but certainly not least we’ve got this Sorbet Dream. I’m so grateful for Pottery Barn Kids for donating all of the adorable furniture for the houses. When I was in the store looking at colors I pulled out the Pottery Barn Kids palette and LOVED Alyssum and Osage Orange. They go so perfectly with the kitchen play set inside!

This house went to the Bates family, who in their 8 years of fostering have had 34 kids come into their home. Wow. Can you imagine the impact their love will have on the world?

I know its customary to thank a sponsor at the end of a post like this for partnering with me, but I truly want to thank Sherwin-Williams and Pottery Barn Kids and the teams there for sponsoring this project. It is humbling and inspiring to get a glimpse into the lives of these families who are changing everything for these sweet kids. I am eternally impacted and forever grateful.

You can see my past National Painting Week projects here and don’t forget to download your 30% off all Paints and Stains coupon from Sherwin-Williams here!

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