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Good News & Bad News about Floret Workshop Scholarships

floret-workshop-64Wow–what a response to this year’s Floret Workshop Scholarship opportunity!

In between digging dahlias and preparing for a series of major storms, the Floret Team and I have been slowly and steadily working our way through the record number of applications that we received for this year’s scholarships. With so many intriguing personal stories and essays, narrowing down the winners is proving to be harder than ever.

Our original plan was to announce the winners here on Friday October 14th. But after being flooded with so many amazing applications (more than 1,000!), we are realizing that we need more time.

So, the bad news is we won’t be able to announce the winners here tomorrow. We are working round the clock so that we can post winners here by Sunday. I hope you’ll hold tight while we continue the process. We want to read each and every word of your thoughtful, heartfelt essays.

But I have a bit of good news to share with you as well.

We will now be offering THREE scholarships to attend a Floret workshop. Earlier this week, we got one of the sweetest emails from a past workshop participant. In her message, she shared that the workshop was “life changing and life affirming, and I want to give that opportunity to someone who also needs to be there.” The team and I are so touched by her kind words and incredible generosity and can’t wait to bless another person with the gift of attending a Floret Workshop.

Thank you in advance for your patience. Check back here Sunday for our announcement of the winners.

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