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Grab Your Popcorn and Paintbrushes, Fearless DIY Season 2 Starts Now!

Its here!! FINALLY!! Season 2 of my show Fearless DIY airs over on The Design Network today! WAHOOO!

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Its been so hard to keep these projects under wraps because they are just so good!!  Here is a sneak peek of all of the projects coming at you this season:


Are you as excited as I am?!

After Season 1 aired we got some great feedback, the biggest being about sharing tutorials beyond the videos. We heard you, and we love you, so tutorials it is!  You can find the step by step tutorials on Vintage Revivals, per the usual, and watch the video tutorials over on The Design Network!

Today’s episode is a Tumbling Block Headboard. The floors in The Nugget are one of my favorite projects, but I get a lot of reader emails about it because the triangle angles are so steep that a lot of miter saws cant cut them. I had to borrow my Brother In Law’s to do the project. But its such an awesome idea that you can use in so many places I changed up the shape a little and now its TOTALLY doable with any miter saw!

Here is a little preview, to watch the full episode head over to The Design Network! 

See you on the flip side!

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