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Historic Plaster Restoration with Master of Plaster – Applying the Base Coat

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about old homes, it’s their plaster!

With all of the beautiful details that fill any home of a certain age, my love of a traditional lime wall covering may seem a bit odd. Given the more modern trend to rip out old walls in favor of modern gypsum drywall, I feel like plaster walls are one of those things that give an old house its soul. The slight irregularity to the finished surface, thicker feel, insulating qualities (both sound and temperature), smooth finish, and ability to withstand centuries of use with regular upkeep make keeping and restoring plaster walls a no brainer if they can be saved.

If you’ve read our posts on plaster in the past, there’s no doubt you know the lengths I don’t mind going to in order to retain that classic plaster look. Whether we’re restoring our own plaster or detailing how our friends decided to go with new plaster instead of drywall in their old house, we have no shortage of plaster shoutouts in our blogging past. In fact, we’ve gone into enough detail over the years that one of our favorite magazines, Old House Journal, actually contacted us to see if we minded if they include us in a DIY plaster repair article they have in the January 2016 issue. 

Their article features several of our favorite tips and even a few of our photos, including that awesome photo of me sanding while sporting a mustache. That photo was taken during the one week in my entire life where I had a real mustache (we go all out for our Halloween costumes), and much to Wendy’s dismay, it’s now immortalized as part of a magazine article. She’s a lucky lady, y’all.

However, as much as we’ve talked about plaster repair and restoration in the past, the simple fact is that I’ve not been doing it in an truly accurate and appropriate manner, especially when it comes to skim coating. Yes, that’s right, we’ve been doing it wrong and didn’t really realize it for quite some time! 

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