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#HopeforMartin & Love for Emily

Man, I don’t even know how to start this post. Some of you may be familiar with Emily from The Freckled Fox and their sweet family’s situation right now. If you’re not, here is the briefest overview. Last year Emily’s husband Martin was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. They have an adorable brood of 5 littles under the age of 5. The last few months Martin’s health has taken a steep decline and as of Emily’s last update 3 days ago, the Oncologists were halting all treatment and were going to try to mange Martin’s pain in his final weeks with the help of hospice.  I cannot even begin to fathom what this little family has gone through over the last year and the unknown road ahead.



I know that if I were faced with the same situation that I would in no way handle it as humbly and gracefully as Emily has. She’s done numerous Periscope broadcasts where she’s talked about everything and she is so positive and full of light.  It is impossible to not feel the weight that they are dealing with, but somehow she is able to lift everyone around her.



One of the most incredible things about the internet is that our circle of people is so much bigger. Think back to what it was like 25 years ago, unless someone was in your circle, or in your town, or your sister in law knew them, you weren’t really able to share in their plight and offer support. But now, now the whole world is in the same pool and we CAN share and support and help.  There is so much love and goodness in this community, we can make a difference. We can help shoulder the burden that she will face as a single mom and the sole provider for her family.

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The world needs more people like Emily, who put their family first, who deal with life’s trials with grace and faith. I think its easy to look at hard situations of internet strangers and feel the momentary sting of what it would be like if we were there instead of them. But then we get to move on with our lives.  While your there, while your praying or sending good vibes their way, while your hugging your husband a little bit longer or watching him run around with your kids in the yard stop and take a moment to help the Meyers. If everyone who read this post donated just $1 we could double the donations that they’ve already received. What do you say we all chip in and blow those donations out of the atmosphere?

You can donate here, and check out Emily’s blog here.

I love you all, I am grateful everyday for you!


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