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How you can help shift the flower industry

It’s hard to imagine that in just one short month, you’ll finally be able to hold a copy of the Floret book in your hands! The idea for this book was planted as a seed more than three years ago, and much like gardening, it took a great deal of time and effort to bring it into full bloom.


Floret fans have been instrumental in helping move the project from a dream into a reality. Before ever typing a single word, I asked for your input, and was flooded with incredible feedback which set the framework for the book. I went back time and again throughout the writing process to make sure that I included everything I could from the wish list. This book really is for YOU!

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned through this process is that writing and capturing images are only half of what it takes to produce a successful book. The other half is making sure that it finds its way into the hands of the right people and sells well. So while it feels like we should be coming up to the finish line, in many ways, the race has just begun.

Big pre-order numbers tell booksellers that the title is a good bet and therefore they should stock it. It also sends an important signal to the publisher to print enough books – there’s nothing worse for sales momentum than running out of books! Here’s how you can help. By pre-ordering, you ensure the Floret book makes it into more stores, libraries, and into more hands and homes around the world.

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered a copy, you can order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound and other great retailers. We also have signed copies available in our online shop, which is a great option for international orders. However, book sellers look at Amazon sales numbers as the biggest indicator of a book’s success. And right now it’s only $18!

hellebore-22Meanwhile, the Floret Team and I are doubling down on efforts to educate consumers about the beauty and benefits of seasonal flowers.  We’ve been working overtime to try to get the message out through the mainstream press and we are so excited to report that many of those efforts are bearing fruit.

Just this week, the Seattle Times published a story which included some of our gardening tips and earlier this month, Sunset magazine ran a story focused on growing sweet peas.  Flower magazine and Mantra magazine also recently published a story and in-depth interview.

In the coming weeks and months, Better Homes and Gardens, Taproot, Garden Design Magazine and Heirloom Gardening will feature articles on seasonal flowers. We’re also working with a few influential websites to share the local flower love with an even greater audience.

There will be a few other book-related surprises on the horizon we’ll be sharing, too, so make sure you are on our mailing list to get all of the details.

harvestingsweetpeasMy hope is that this book will help shine a spotlight beyond our tiny two-acre farm and onto the bigger seasonal flower movement and the countless other flower farmers, floral designers, and flower lovers who are growing and designing with local flowers. If this title is a success, which it can be with your help, it has the power to shift the industry in a new and more sustainable direction.

I’m thrilled to report that my publisher, Chronicle Books, has shared that our early sales numbers are the highest of any title that they’ve published to date. Can you believe that? That’s because of you! Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the book, we’re already breaking records! And if you’ve peeked on Amazon lately, the book is a bestseller.

If you have a shop and are interested in stocking the book, please contact: newaccounts@chroniclebooks.com

If you are a journalist, garden writer, or blogger and would like to discuss featuring the book, please contact: press@floretflowers.com

So thank you. I am so grateful for your steadfast support throughout the process of conceptualizing, writing, photographing, editing, (more) editing, and now marketing the book. Together, let’s cultivate more beauty in this world.

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