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In-Law’s Kitchen Reveal + The Unexpected Sink that Makes The Space!!

Thanks to Elkay for teaming up with me on this project!!

After much waiting (on everyone’s part) my In-Laws are finally moved in to their dream home!! Man alive its been a process, but now that they are in I can finally start showing you how great it looks!! Let’s start with the kitchen shall we?

Did you hear that? Its the sound of angels singing!

There is a reason that the kitchen is the center of a home, and it was really important for us to make this as family friendly as possible (enter the GIANT island and never ending barstools stage left.)

In this world of white and more white kitchen designs, we did some really fun unexpected things.

The first being, we used a charcoal-colored sink!! In the sea of white quartz it stands out and adds just enough balance to the space.

This sink is from Elkay’s Quartz Luxe line.  It’s the perfect size for a single basin, but if you love a little division in your sinks, don’t worry they’ve got those too.

We kind of went out on a limb ordering it because white ceramic or stainless seems to be the go to choices right now, but honestly I am so glad that this is what we went with, it is exactly what the space needs.

Both of my sisters are new homeowners and the question that they ask the most is if (and how) to mix different metals. I’m a huge fan of putting what you love in your home, and in my world that means no discrimination on metals. The lights from West Elm are brushed brass, the railing and door hardware are black, the fridge and pulls are stainless, and the faucet is chrome, but instead of feeling disjointed, it feels collected and balanced.

My obsession with this faucet runs deep. The quality of the Elkay Avado faucet is incredible, the pull-down handle is so heavy and solid.

Funny story, I’ve got a few faucets lying around and we actually had a different one installed before this one. Because of my partnership with Elkay, we were able to swap the old one out and put this one in. If you’ve ever met my Father In Law you know he’s very analytical and thoughtful when it comes to…well, everything. The other day, he very kindly approached me and asked if they got to keep this faucet or if they had to put the other one back in after I shot the kitchen. When I told him it was theirs forever he said “Oh whew, because I like this one so much better.” It was so cute and a testament to the quality that Elkay strives for.

A HUGE thank you to Elkay for teaming up with me on this project!!



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