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Inspiration for An Eclectic Entryway

Hey friends!! Happy Monday! I’ve teamed up with Kwikset to show you a little creative inspiration for an outdoor entryway!

Creating a welcoming front door is all about decorating the area with things you love and accents that reflect style choices you’ve made inside the home. Sometimes it feels like we have to do a complete overhaul, but in reality, changing a few things on the exterior can massively up your style game.

The first place to start is your door hardware. I love pairing a sleek, modern deadbolt like the new Kwikset Uptown and Downtown locks with a contemporary lever, and adding quirky accents like cacti and a new doorbell with a little bit of humor.

Kwikset Collected Eclectic Horizontal No Text

The end result is a front door that is as welcoming as it is secure, giving your guests a great vibe before they even take their first step inside!

I cant wait to show you guys how it turned out!! Stay tuned!

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