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Ivie’s Bedroom Makeover Before + Inspo

Poor Ivie’s bedroom. This thing has been a mishmash of incomplete projects for its entire lifespan. It’s never had a proper room makeover + reveal because its never been completely finished. Which is something that she reminds me about on the daily. 

Before we get started, let me tell you about this series. I think you’re going to love it! Ivie’s room makeover is part of Frogtape’s Paintover Challenge. HGTV Rockstar Taniya Nayak handpicked 6 design trends for 2016 and 6 bloggers (myself included) were assigned a trend and challenged to do a room makeover with a $1000 budget based around that trend.

The best part is that in a month when the rooms are revealed you guys get to vote on your favorite and the winner gets to give $5000 to their favorite charity! I debated on which charity to choose, there are so many good ones! Ultimately I settled on The Children’s Miracle Network because it tied in with all of the ones that I loved. Who doesn’t want to help cute kids, am I right?!

Ok now on to the room.

You might remember her room looking like this from 2012:

Mid Century Thrifted Dresser[2]


Or if you are a true VR diehard you might remember this from the VERY early days circa 2010:

Ucreate 8

One of my favorite things about having a blog is that it gives me a reason to try different projects instead of just dreaming about them and pinning them. I mean, after all, it is just paint right?

This little corner was looking quite adorable about 9 months ago, but it was a band aid solution. When we really sat down and decided what we wanted in the new room (and took out everything we didn’t) we ended up with basically nothing.



I always tell people that the pictures that you see on the blog are not an accurate depiction of what you’d see if you showed up at my house. Especially when the pictures are years old.  So for proof we are starting out with basically a white box.  The painted concrete floor needs a recoat (the topcoat has started to yellow in places that I put it on too thick, and its looking a little sad) and man alive it needs something exciting on the walls. How’s that for real life?

Ivie Room Before-1 copy

The inspiration for the room is coming from all the corners of the universe.

The Frogtape trend that I ended up with was Digitally Defined. Picture geometrics, hard angles, and color.  Also known as my happy place.

Around Christmas time I was visiting my grandma’s house. I was taking my girls on a childhood tour and showing them all the wonderful things that I remembered as a kid, when I saw this painting in one of the rooms. My great grandma (the same one that Brem was named after) was an amazing oil painter and I was so surprised to see this self portrait in a watercolor. I took it upstairs and asked my grandma about it. She said it was one of their first things that my grandma had painted when she started taking art classes and that it was the exact way she would stand while she painted. I loved it so much I asked if she would let me take it home and frame it and love it forever.

Vintage Revivals

Which she did, because who can say no to that? 😉

There are a few things that Ivie REALLY wants. Shelves, a hammock chair, and an awesome bed. Oh and somewhere cool to put her headphones. She’s been eyeing my glass head so we’ll see.

Next Monday we’ll talk all about the pattern.  Stay tuned! Oh and make sure that you follow the other bloggers journeys too, its bound to be exciting!!

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