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Ivie’s Bedroom Makeover Reveal!!

Its my favorite of all blogging days! Its Room Reveal day!!! YEAH! If you’ve been following along all month then you are totally aware of what is going on here. If you’re a newb then welcome and lets get you up to speed!


All month I’ve been overhauling my daughter Ivie’s bedroom. I was assigned one of six trends by HGTV Powerhouse Taniya Nayak and my friends at Frogtape and given $1000 budget to make some magic.

Lets get on with the reveal yes?

This was the jumping off point.

Ivie Room Before-1 copy

We took everything out of her room that we weren’t going to use and that basically left us with a white box and a dresser.

This is what it looks like now:

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-18


Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-19


Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-26

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-2

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-29

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-1

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-3

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-10

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-11

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-4

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-9

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-23

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-30

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-18

Ivie loves it.  I love it. Its a good day at the Gubler house. Sources and more tutorials are coming so stay tuned! Next Monday voting begins and I would LOVE to be able to donate $5000 to Children’s Miracle Network, so get your voting fingers ready and I’ll let you know when its live!

The biggest thanks to Frogtape for inspiring us to make this project happen, and head over and check out the other contestants rooms, they are amazing!!





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