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Learn how to make floral wearables (giveaway)

Back when we used to do multiple weddings each weekend, I loved creating all of the big statement pieces. I could design lush centerpieces and oversized urns for many days in a row, but absolutely dreaded making  boutonnieres and corsages. I disliked them so much, I would usually have someone else make them.

But then I met rock star florist Susan McLeary and my attitude toward wearable flowers totally changed.  She made corsages cool.  She made making corsages fun.

Sue is the incredibly talented designer behind Passionflower, a floral art studio based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and the insanely beautiful Instagram account, @Passionflowersue.  She has transformed the way floral wearables, particularly wrist corsages, are being made and worn at weddings worldwide.

Sue has been a featured instructor at numerous floral design workshops, including all of Floret’s 2016 Floral Design workshops, teaching hundreds of students her tips and tricks for creating beautiful floral wearables. Sue is, hands down, the most talented floral teacher I know. Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and she makes everything so simple and easy to understand. She breaks down every technique into small, manageable steps that are easy to replicate.

All of Sue’s corsages and other wearables are truly pieces of art.  And compared to the flimsy elastic wristband corsages I wrestled with during my first few weddings, her techniques are SO much easier and the end product SO much more beautiful.

After years of and countless requests from fans, Sue has finally taken her best tips and tricks and created on online video course, LEARN TO LOVE, which features excellent step-by-step training on how to create updated wrist corsages, shoulder corsages, flowers for the hair, and floral jewelry.

For the few days, you can watch the wrist corsage tutorial for free.

Luckily for us, Sue has generously offered Floret readers an additional discount of 20% off any of the courses!

Simply use the discount code F20 at checkout when purchasing any of her tutorials.  And note: the Floret discount is in addition to her current launch offer, which makes the price ridiculously affordable!

To celebrate Sue’s launch we’re giving away her LEARN TO LOVE program to one lucky reader. To enter, tell us in the comments below what your biggest struggle is when making wearable flowers. The winner will be announced here on Friday.

If you are a current or aspiring farmer-florist, floral designer or just someone who likes to make pretty things, you’ll absolutely love learning from Sue. The team and I are so excited that her incredible knowledge is finally available to more people.

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