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Looking to the future

floret_spring1228peonies_atmospheric_shots_20As we head into the quiet season here on the farm, Jill, Susan and I are hunkering down and plotting out the next chapter of our little flower farm’s future. We have a lot of ideas about ways to grow Floret that will ultimately benefit you.

The key themes that come up are education, sharing, beauty, and connection. But before we dig in too deep, I’d love to get your feedback to make sure we’re on the right track going forward.

Two years ago when I asked for your thoughts about the Floret book, the outpouring was amazing and really helped shape and define the project. I can’t wait for you to hold that labor of love in your hands when it finally comes out in March!

And the summer before last, you weighed in on our seed line which helped ensure it’s success. Needless to say, we value your feedback.

IMG_2853So, again, we’re finding ourselves in a similar position. We have a wealth of ideas and opportunities, but we need input from you to help shape and define our path forward.

Here are a few of the unknowns we’re batting around:

Is coming to Floret the primary reason behind the demand for our workshops or could the information be delivered through on online course?

We’ve wanted to write short, flower variety specific books for years now. One idea is to create  a 100 page soft cover book on growing garden roses (or sweet peas, or dahlias). Is this something you would want to read?

Do you want greater varieties of our seed/bulb/tubers or would you rather us focus on creating more flower growing resources?

IMG_2839With limited time and a small staff, there’s certainly no way we can do it all, and that’s why your help in refining our focus in 2017 is crucial.

If our blog and resources have benefited you in any way, and at any point on your flower journey, then I have a favor to ask of you:

Will you please take 10 minutes out of your busy day to complete this questionnaire?

It would mean the world me and the team and ultimately ensure that we’re spending our time and energy in the areas that are most helpful and inspiring to you!

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