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More #growfloret goodness

It has been a wild week-long dahlia dividing party here on the farm.  Thankfully lots of friends and family from near and far have come to lend a hand.  I just love this little flower community!

With a quick scan of my social media feed, I can tell seed starting season is in full swing for many of my flower friends.  I adore seeing all the photos of our little seed packets getting into the hands of flower lovers across the continent.

Here are a few images tagged with #floretseeds or #growfloret that caught my eye, including what I think may be the very first poppies in bloom posted. Wowsa!







Blue Sky Flower Farm








I love the community that is being built of fellow farmer-florists and gardeners sharing what they are planting, growing, harvesting & designing.

To keep the momentum going throughout “seed starting season” and early spring, please continue to share photos of your seed packets, seed starts, baby plants and your flowers in bloom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, tagging it with #FloretSeeds or #GrowFloret.  I’ll periodically feature a few of my favorites here on the blog and send out some Floret Seeds goody bags. 

Thanks for playing along!

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