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My In-Law’s Living Room REVEAL!!

Last week I showed you my in-law’s new kitchen, are you finally ready to see the rest of the space?!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

First off I need to tell you that almost every piece is available from Article. I had THE BEST experience with them when I did the makeover at Aspyn’s house. Her couch so far exceeded my expectations that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more articles. Having such high expectations,, you would think that they’d maybe have a hard time delivering a perfect 10 again but YOU GUYS. I can’t even put into words how completely blown away I was once again.

Figuring out the layout of a room can be a little tricky, especially when it’s a new space that you haven’t lived in yet. We ultimately decided that 2 sofas that face each other was the best scenario and I have to say that I’m digging the symmetry of the couches and the bookshelves.

So the couches seem like a pretty great place to start. Guys, the couches. We got the Triplo sofa in Taos Brown and I just can’t express how much I love them. They are the perfect shade of warm leather. I have been leaning so heavily toward camel colored leather (not going to lie, I love a good Sven) but these have me convinced to not lean too far. In this space with the light walls and washed out wood floors, they add just the right amount of warm depth.

When I posted about them on my insta stories I got a lot of comments asking how comfortable they are. A lot of people were worried that there was just one skinny cushion on the bottom. While they may look like that, the whole second fusion is also padding, so there is plenty of cush for the tush. And how about those metal legs?! They’re black but have sort of a mirror finish. They are freaking money.


The Nimbus coffee table is natural teak and has such pretty variation. It obviously works here with all the other Southwest elements in the design, but this table was actually meant to be used outdoors. Such awesome versatility for one table. These outdoor chairs would go great with it on a patio.

How are you feeling about the wall hanging? I scored it at a secondhand store that was closing for $150 about a year ago and I’ve been itching to use it ever since. I think its so good in here, which kind of makes me a little sad cause I really wanted to put it in the Merc. But it just belongs here, ya know?

How much are you dying over the lamp? Its the Stilt Floor Lamp  The large drum shade comes flat packed and is really easy to assemble.

Next to one of the couches we put the Ameoba side table. It’s such a great size for an end table, a night stand, a plant stand, a little table by your front door for mail. I mean, it can morph into what ever you need it to be…like Units, but wayyyy more stylish.


The Myria copper pot adds just the right amount of metal, and I love that is so shiny! Also, its only $99. So there’s that. You can also get a hanging planter version of it for $59!! And you guys know how much I love hanging succulents from the ceiling.

Tucked underneath the stairs is just doubt the most stylish reading corner that you’ve ever seen. Even when we were going over the plans for the house, we knew that we wanted to put a little chair and light underneath and I fell head over heels for the Embrace Moss chair. I mean, first of all it’s velvet, so there’s that. I am digging the matte metal legs with the more traditional shape of the chair.

The tall brass Barbell floor lamp is the icing on the cake. Its not obtrusive, it’s just there hanging out in the corner people watching and obviously feeling really happy about it.

The entryway is currently rocking a Beatles piece of art and THE MOST AMAZING FRONT DOOR EVER.

To say I’m happy about how this house has come together is like saying Mrs. Trunchbull doesn’t want anyone to eat her cake. I’m so unbelievably in love with it!!

HUGE thank you to Article for partnering up with me on this makeover. It was such a fun surprise for my in-laws especially after they endured our craziness and let us live with them for the last 9 months, goodness knows that’s not easy. You can see all of the pieces again below, and make sure you click over and sign up for their email updates, you don’t want to miss their killer sales, or new product drops!!




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