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Personalizing The Kitchen

Do you ever stop to look around your house and just think: “BLAH.” It looks like its filled with stuff. Nothing important or special, just stuff. I know that I can’t be the only one that feels like that. It got me thinking, where in my life do things feel special, solid and centered the most? I immediately thought of my Grandma’s house. It has remained completely unchanged for as long as I can remember (which, lets be honest, will never be my house cause I love buying new furniture wayyyy too much.) So the last time I was there I snapped a quick picture of my favorite place in her house, the kitchen. I tried to get one of her standing at the sink, but she caught on to what I was doing and stepped out of the shot. Fast forward a few months and my friends at Shutterfly reached out about personalizing a space with some of their fun home décor products. I knew immediately that I wanted to have this picture of my Grandma’s kitchen professionally framed, and I knew right where I wanted to hang it.



personalize-kitchen-decor-with-shutterfly-3Their whole mission is to help you to easily create things that are unique and personal to you. Which warrants a loud “AMEN!!”

I think that nothing makes a kitchen feel more warm and inviting than a collection of cutting boards. It’s the warmth of worn wood that just gets me every time! I am OBSESSED with their marble and wood cutting board. I’ve wanted one in this style forever and was so over the moon to find that they had one! But what to put on it!? Our last name? A monogram? I was on the fence until I remembered that I could put whatever I wanted on it…


Maybe a thoughtful reminder of the importance of our appendages??


Shutterfly just launched a collection of canvas totes and I (in my never ending effort to be more organized) decided that it was a must have. There is this cute family at our church that has a bag with their last name on it that they bring every week with coloring books, snacks and small toys. Dylan is SO jealous about it. Poor girl, the only thing that she gets to color on is the margins of the program. The second that it came she had it filled to the brim with books, crayons, cereal for the baby, stuffed animals, the iPad, diapers, and fingernail polish (because she can paint her fingernails SO QUIET, MOM.)



I’ll let you know how the nail polish situation pans out..;)

It’s so fun to look around the kitchen and see things that are more special than a run of the mill print, or something generic from the store.  The best part is that we’re all inspired by different things, we all have ideas of what our home should feel and be decorated like. Shutterfly has such a great launching pad for everything you could possibly want to customize for your home! Seriously, go over and check them out and get ready to have your socks knocked off!


This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Awaken your space with your vision. Shop Shutterfly Home Décor for personalized home accents that are uniquely you.

Massive thanks to Shutterfly for teaming up with me on this post + Find out how Shutterfly can help you update and personalize your home here. And an even bigger thanks to you for supporting the sponsors that make this corner of the internet possible!

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