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Phoenix I’m Coming For You!!

Hey guys!!

If you live outside of Utah, I’m pretty sure that you’ve probably considered the drive (however long it might be!) to attend Pinner’s Conference. If you’ve never heard of Pinner’s before, your world is about to get a whole lot brighter.


Pinner’s is an event that takes the greatest things that pinterest has to offer and basically presents them to you on a golden platter. There are loads of classes that you can take from your favorite bloggers, tons of expo-like shopping, and scores of fantastic people to mull around with. It is one of my favorite events of the year and this year Pinner’s is coming to PHOENIX! And so am I!!!!

I’m teaching a hands on class making my famed Himmeli Wreaths (you’ll have 2 purchase options, a brass kit like the one I sell in the shop for $60 or one made out of straws for $15) and answering your most burning DIY questions (so if you’ve got a space that is stumping you, bring pictures and we’ll hash it out!)


I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU AND HUG YOUR FACE! If you’re in Phoenix, please please please come!! You can get all of the info on the conference, as well as register for classes here! If you use the code vintage you’ll get 10% off your ticket purchase!

I can’t wait to see you Phoenix lovers!!!


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