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Quick Entryway Update!

Hey hey!! Hope your Friday is off to a great start (which lets be honest, Fridays are ALWAYS off to a great start because Friday.) A few weeks ago I shared a little bit on inspiration for updating my outside entryway, and I’m back to show you the quick results!

The biggest struggle that I have with the exterior of our house is that is just sort of boring its this (a little bit awkward) shade of beige stucco that sometimes looks pink, sometimes looks brown, sometimes looks a little greenish. Like I said, weird. That, coupled with the rock color, leaves me staring blankly at it when it comes to bringing some color in.  So I embraced it and went a little less loud.

Entryway Update with Kwikset Downtown Locks copy

The hardware that we had on the door I was not a super fan of. When our previous handle broke, Court ran to HD and in all his manly designer ways picked something that he thought I would love, bless his heart. I was out of town and remember walking up to the front door and thinking “oh why?!”

Entryway Update with Kwikset Downtown Locks-10


So when Kwikset sent me their new Downtown Low Profile Deadbolt and Halifax Lever I was ALL OVER IT. I’d actually been researching new hardware and wanted something that looked modern and sleek but all of the low profile deadbolts were $$$$ so I put it off.

Just for fun, guess how much the Downtown deadbolt is…$35.97!  THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS!! And they will most likely have them in stock at your local Home Depot or Lowes so if you want to check them out in person you totally can!

Entryway Update with Kwikset Downtown Locks-8


For the rest of the space I pulled in my favorite cacti, and a easy and cute rug from Target.

I hung a himmeli wreath on the door (you can get your own kit here, and the tutorial to DIY it here!)

Entryway Update with Kwikset Downtown Locks-7

I also ordered a wind chime from CB2 that was in my inspiration board but it looked sort of out of place with the stucco, so I took it down and I’m on the hunt for something less stark.

I swapped out the heinous doorbell…


For something with a little more style and personality. You can get your own here!

Entryway Update with Kwikset Downtown Locks-6


I also freshened up the wood on the door with a good cleaning and wipe down with Wipe On Poly.

Entryway Update with Kwikset Downtown Locks copy


From the inside, the Kwikset hardware is just as amazing (in case you were wondering what it looked like from that side!)

Entryway Update with Kwikset Downtown Locks-9

If you’ve got some ugly door hardware that mocks you every time you look at it, it might be the time to swap it out! Trust me when I say, you won’t find something more stylish for a better price than the Uptown/Downtown set. Seems like the perfect way to celebrate the weekend to me!

Massive thanks to Kwikset for teaming up with me on this post!

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