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Rock What Ya Got Bathroom Makeover: Cabinet, Mirror, and Lights

Hey friend! Man its been a minute since we chatted about the bathroom makeover. Its like every time I go to take pictures of it, I am either in my underwear (mirror), Mr. Brem starts needing something, or its not clean. Or what is most likely is a combo of all 3.

Now you know whets in store for you if you show up at my house unexpectedly…consider yourself warned!

Bathroom Makeover-1

We last left off with the v-plank wall treatment (you can find all of the posts in this series linked below!) We are doing this thing on a hardcore budget and the vanity was no good. So we grabbed a simple Hemnes vanity/sink combo from IKEA and spruced it up on our own. I feel like living so far from an IKEA takes it out of my mind mentally and I forget that they have freakin’ awesome stuff and the prices are killer. Luckily they just opened one in Vegas so…#ikeae’ryday.

Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover-9

I was pretty concerned about snow blindness in the room because white tile, white plumbing fixtures, white walls, all the things are white. Luckily there was a super easy fix to bring some life into the space, swapping out the white drawer fronts for wood.

Budget Bathroom Makeover Cabinet-3

This is a SUPER simple DIY if you have a table saw, if you don’t then you might want to check out SemiHandmade  they sell replacement fronts for IKEA furniture.

To make these drawers, we used the originals as a template for the size and hole placement.

Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover-11

My one major tip if you are doing this is to clamp everything together before you start drilling because 1 little shift can throw the entire thing into the crapper.

Budget Bathroom Makeover Cabinet-8


From the word go I knew I wanted a round mirror approximately the size of my reflector.

Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover-3


The best one that I found just so happened to be from (you guessed it) IKEA. It was $99 and the perfect size!

Budget Bathroom Makeover Cabinet-2

I need to still find hardware for the drawers, but I’m having a hard time finding something that I love that doesn’t stick out too far. I’m thinking of making something with leather (of course) but I don’t know if that’s gross, cause you cant really clean leather…what are your thoughts?






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