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Rockin’ The Penny Tile Leftovers | Bathroom Update

Hey!! If you’re just tuning in, you’re in for an adventure. We are completely overhauling our builder boring beige bathroom (say that 10x fast!) on a small budget using stuff that we already have. The Rock What Ya Got bathroom makeover! (Make sure to catch the past posts in this series at the end of this post!)

When it came time to really figure out what was happening in the bathroom design it was looking really white. I love white. But it was like white white. No contrast whatsoever. Which is a whole different kind of boring.  Also, a reflector is a great way to visualize a mirror if you are in a bind.

Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover-3


We had just enough of the black matte penny tile leftover from the Laundry Room Makeover to cover a section of the wall.

So out came the toilet…again. And the new cabinet (we’ll talk about that in a bit).

In went the penny tile. You can see my post all about tile here. Penny tile is tricky tricky, you’ve got to stagger it because it is very easy to see the seams.

Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover-4


Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover-6

Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover-7

We didn’t have any Fusion Pro premixed grout left over from the Laundry Room, but we did have some grout left over from the kitchen tile. If you hear nothing else from this post today, hear this. Get the Fusion Pro. It is better in every imaginable way. The texture, the color, the wipe ability, the stain resistance, the color consistency. Every.living.thing.

I wasn’t sure about how I wanted to finish off the edge of the tile so we lived with it like that for a bit, I cant wait to show you what we did!! Stay tuned!


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