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Sneak Peek at My In-Laws Dream House!

Happy Tuesday you guys! How are you surviving summer? Things have been so good and crazy over here. We’ve had volleyball camp after volleyball camp for Ives, we’re getting geared up for the renovation on the Merc to start, and trying to not die from evaporation in this ridiculous heat.

As some of you know, my in-laws have been building the last (almost) year. Its been a cool process to be part of and we’ve learned so many great lessons along the way that will help us with the Merc (I can’t wait to share them with you!) They are almost done with the build and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what the house looks like right now before its cleaned up and decorated.

The style is casual modern with loads of monochromatic finishes.

Isn’t it so pretty?! My favorite part is the faux wood on the exterior. You’d never know it was metal, except that it requires zero maintenance.


The inside is just as good.

The railing for the stairs has since been installed, and the brick on the fireplace still needs to be painted.

One of my favorite parts is the master bath/closet. The tile is so good and if you can believe it I’ve got a secret source that sells it for HALF the price of most companies. HALF. I’m spilling the details tomorrow so hold on for one more daaay (Wilson Philips always!!)

The laundry room is freaking amazing.

There’s a nice big family room upstairs, perfect for all the grandkids.

All of the tile and finishes are just so good.

They’re hoping to have it move in ready in the next few weeks and I will share ever detail and source room by room once it doesn’t look like a dirty construction zone!



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