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Statement Making Black Pipe Wall Sconce

Some days prayers are answered.

Today is one of those days if you’re a DIYer who loves pipe decor.

Home Depot just launched a line of black pipe that is made to use as decor (vs. using it for heavy duty plumbing/electrical work) and it.is.AWESOME.

As someone who’s worked with pipe many a time (like my kitchen table!) I can tell you that there are 3 big downsides.

  1. The grease. Traditional pipe pieces have some heavy duty grease on them that is a HUGE pain to remove.

2. The cost. Traditional pipe pieces aren’t cheap, especially things like Flanges (they’ll run you a little more than $7.00 a piece)

3. The FREAKING STICKERS. I don’t know why, or how, but I’m pretty sure that the price stickers are permanently attached to the pipe in freaky superhuman ways. We’re talking the glue that they use should just be unleashed into the San Andreas fault line; then all of California can breathe a little easier knowing they now have nothing to worry about if an earthquake hits.

The line, LDR’s Black Pipe decor is created specifically for projects. They know you’re going to use it in pretty project ways which means, no grease, no stickers, and the price per piece is substantially less.

The best part is that aside from the individual pieces, they also have preassembled kits to make their most popular projects!

I used a coat rack kit and a few extra pieces to make this wall sconce!! I really wanted something hefty and I think I achieved it!

So cute right?! Hop over to The Home Depot Blog to get the step by step tutorial on how to make your own! There are also a bunch of other tutorials if you need something less beefy!


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