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Curbside Find – Transforming Trash into a Passthrough Table

Wendy's love of trash to treasure makeovers is well documented throughout the years.

On several occasions throughout our history together my lovely wife has been known to spy a sad, lonely, and abandoned piece of furniture sitting curbside. When the situation is right, she's also well known to pull the car over or stop us in the midst of our evening walk to "rescue" the piece before the trash truck is able to seal its fate.

After all, this is exactly how we obtained several pieces of wood furniture, including our favorite little red stool that began life in our home with a much different look.

Finished Product

Earlier this summer Wendy's eagle eye for picking struck again, and she gleefully came home with a distressed little end table, left curbside in the rain in front of a home in Del Ray (a nearby neighborhood in Alexandria) and she had a grand vision for it.


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Team Yellow, Red, or Blue – Should Brand Loyalty Dictate Battery Tool Purchases?

If you're trying to decide on a cordless tool should your decision really come down to something as seemingly trivial as Team Red vs. Team Yellow (or teams green, orange, or blue)?

With all of the new and improved cordless tool options on the market these days, how are you expected to make a decision on which tools are the best to add to your arsenal? More importantly, can you and should you decide on a single brand and not deviate?

For the last year I've been looking to upgrade some of my more dated 14v and 18v tools to newer cordless versions, but all of the options felt overwhelming. The more I looked the more it felt like I had to choose a tool brand battery I liked best and stick with it for all of the tool purchases. How did this happen? How did the choice of a battery platform begin driving all of our decisions? It just seems foolish.

After much deliberation and tool nerd reflection, I've finally made a decision, and I'm surprising myself. In the end I'm going to go with multiple battery brands so I'm not locked into a single format! Hear me out before you say that it's ridiculous (and possibly too expensive).

Over the last several months I've been able to attend and cover several tool and utility brand events on behalf of Charles & Hudson and ToolCrave.com (check them out to see my Milwaukee recap and DeWALT recap post event summaries). This has allowed me to get a glimpse into some of the latest and greatest hardware offerings and future plans from brands like Milwaukee ("Team Red") and DeWALT ("Team Yellow"). It also allowed me to pick the brains of a bunch of tool pros, journalists, and tool brand staff that are also real tool junkies. The whole time I had thoughts regarding my own decision in the back of my mind, so I was also using these events as an opportunity to improve my education to make my own choice.


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Our New Front Door!

After the last month of working around the plaster where the front door is, we finally took it down and dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuuuuun! We have a front door! Well, almost. We have a hole for a front

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Horizontal Slatted Fence + My FAVORITE DIY App

Hey guys!! While things in the Merc are cruising, things outside the Merc are getting done as well (can you tell we’ve been starved for projects for the past 9 months?!) If you’ve followed VR for a while you’ll remember

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Wow. Those Are Some Big Window Holes.

Hey guys!! We hit a huge milestone at the Merc, the holes for the windows have been cut!!  We had the best surprise when we found out that these walls weren’t made out of concrete block like we had thought (remember

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Antique Window Restoration

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog lately, but we've been hard at work on several projects.

Rather than keep waiting until everything is done, we wanted to share an update to start getting you caught up.

If you've been a reader here for a while you may remember the work we've done in the past to begin restoration of our five original 1880s windows.

Years ago we paint stripped, re-roped, and weather stripped three of these windows, but we never did anything with the sash.


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Happy 1 Year Merc-iversary!!!

Guys. I can’t believe it. 1 year ago today was the day that I saw the Merc for the first time. I can’t believe that we’ve been on this rollercoaster for a year already! I think that is the most

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How We Removed Paint from the Brick on The Merc

Dudes! We’re renovating an 1928 mercantile store and turning it into our dream home! Start from the beginning here! Uncovering the brick on the front of the Merc has been a huge undertaking. In the 1940’s when the original store

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17 Decor Pieces You Can Eternally Mix And Match (+ How To Pair Them!)

Hey hey!! You know when you have a new perspective come into your life and it makes you take pause? Well, my sister Amy just bought their first house (YAY!!!) and so we are in constant conversation about home decor

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Kitchen Layout + Design at The Merc

A huge eye-opening lesson that I’ve learned with the Merc, is just how much planning ahead of time has to go into building or renovating. I’m admittedly a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. Its who

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