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Our New House…MEET THE MERC!

YOU GUYS!!!! Are you ready to finally meet our new house?! Oh man ALIVE does it feel good to say that. I can’t stop smiling, I’m a dang fool in love. This post is exactly 171 days in the making.

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Is Facebook a great place for gardening questions? Usually not. by Elizabeth Licata

  It can depend on who’s in your friend list, but I’ve seen enough to determine that asking random gardening questions on Facebook probably isn’t that hot of an idea. The ones I have seen on my feed—usually about plant IDs or houseplant problems—get such a wide range of answers, mostly wrong, that I wonder […]

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#floretbook love

A huge thank you for sharing posts featuring Cut Flower Garden and tagged #floretbook on Instagram.  I am so thrilled to see so much excitement for the book. And I absolutely adore some of the creativity, styling and props used in the posts.  Here are just a few that caught my eye: See all the #floretbook photos here. Do […]

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Assessing my Gloves and Trowels by Susan Harris

I began assessing my most vital gardening tools – like gloves and trowels – pre-season, in February. I rounded up all the gloves in my collection and discovered first that they’re super-dirty. Can my favorite cheap gloves (just over $2 a pair) be put in the washer? I’ll be finding out on my next laundry day. But […]

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A Custom DIY Fireplace Mantel Beneath Our Shiplap

Over a year and a half ago, way back on September 1, 2015, we asked a question in a blog post. We had a mantel we'd need to build any day, and we needed to make a determination on just how that mantel in our living room should look.

Well, we've been slowly working on this living room project and have finally reached a point where that day has arrived.

Before we get into details, let's recap (in case you don't remember our blog post from a year and a half ago). The original mantel in the room was a poorly made pre-fab mantel from the early 90s. Too small for the room and fireplace, and just not all that attractive. It had an odd style, rounded corners, and just didn't fit with the style and age of the house.

While it looked just fine at first glance, that old mantel essentially fell off the wall because I looked at it sideways. In other words, it really wasn't installed very well, which made it rather easy to remove.


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Me and my Weepers by Garden Rant

Guest Post by Bob Hill. I have never fully understood my attraction to weeping plants and I really don’t want to pay some nerdy-looking guy with a psychology degree about $250-an-hour to find out. Truth be told, I’ve spent some time drinking beer and exchanging words like “theorization” and “anosognosia” with otherwise likeable shrinks who […]

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How to make your region as garden-crazed as Buffalo by Elizabeth Licata

May is the month designated for extra gardening coverage in the magazine I edit, so I’m in the middle of preparing that right now. This year I decided to focus on classes, workshops, and reliable online learning (giving a nod to Susan’s gardening video site). I’m almost done, and it’s really surprising how much there […]

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Turn off the tap for a better garden by Thomas Christopher

I spent the last two weeks in Morocco; as travel is supposed to do, this provided me with a new perspective. Morocco is a semi-arid to arid country. In Fez, where I spent the most time, the wettest month is February, with an average of just 2.8 inches of rain, while the whole of summer […]

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Movie Theater with a Garden Connection by Susan Harris

This is my local movie theater – the Old Greenbelt. It opened in 1937 and has avoided being divided up or worse, turned into condos, because it’s owned by the city and operated as a nonprofit. It’s in the heart of town, a few blocks from my house. The concession area recently got a facelift, […]

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Creating Our Living Room Design Plan

Now that the two and a half year long renovation of our new home's living room is nearing completion, it's finally time to launch into the decorating phase. And while the thought of that excites me to no end, it's also somewhat terrifying. 

It's at this critical stage where I can't help but have nagging concerns. What if I make a costly mistake? What if we start purchasing furniture and accessories that don't work together or don't achieve the look we're going for in our home? How do I even begin to tackle decorating a room that's roughly 13 feet wide by 32 feet long?? For reference, this room is nearly as wide as our entire home in Old Town and almost half our home's length!(Here's a look at the home's full floor plan.

Getting started always seems like the toughest part. But luckily I've had quite some time to obsess think about it and plan for this phase of the renovation. So where did I start? With a floor plan, of course, as having a well defined but flexible plan provides me with a roadmap to get me from start to finish on any room's design.

In a room that feels like a cavernous bowling alley, I knew it would be important to create several different zones to break up the long, narrow space. Mentally I'm approaching the room as three different spaces: 


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