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Demo Demo Demo Demo Demo Demo Demo

Did I mention this post would be about demo? 😂 Guys we’ve been eat, sleep, and breathing sheetrock dust around these parts! The Merc renovation is in full swing and things seem (in my opinion) to be moving really quickly! So

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The Scoop on Alexandria’s 12 Walkable Ice Cream Shops – A Detailed Review

On a warm summer evening, there are few things more enjoyable than a cold frozen treat to beat the heat. But with so many options for a scoop in Alexandria, where should you go? As a part of our neighborhood guide series, we'd like to help you find your way.

Alexandria, Virginia is known for many things, not the least of which is its vast array of delectable restaurants. Beyond traditional eateries, Old Town's concentration of ice cream shops is plentiful enough to please anyone's palate. Some might even argue that we actually have too many options, but those people obviously have something against ice cream and are simply crazy.

Within a short five minute walk from our home in the heart of Old Town we have no fewer than nine different ice cream establishments. Add in the nearby neighborhoods of Del Ray and Belle Haven (all within about 1.5 miles), and we take that number to an astounding 12 different places within walking distance where we can grab an ice cold sweet treat!

If you've ever talked to a local, everyone tends to have their favorite suggestion on where they like to go for a scoop or two. But the question of "which ice cream place is really the best?" is one that's not easily answered. Now that we’re in the midst of summer, we felt it was high time we fulfilled the very difficult task of reviewing each of these 12 stores to share our first hand experiences and opinion on which ice cream store reigns supreme.


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MASSIVE Letter Board Sale!!

Happy Friday! In honor of summer, back to school, and just general happiness we’re celebrating with a killer letter board sale! Buy a black letter board and get a colored letter set for free!! Any color you want! FOR FREE!!

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The Merc Renovation HAS BEGUN!!!

Is this even real? I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. You guys we FINALLY started renovations on the Merc yesterday! Pinch me, slap me, tickle my butt, cause this thing is happening and its the greatest day of my liiiiiiife!! As we

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Kicking Up Our Curb Appeal with a Front Porch Makeover

Curb appeal comes in many shapes and sizes.

Back when we first laid eyes our home in 2014 it already had that classic waterfront farm house feel we immediately fell in love with. From a distance it was lovely, but upon closer inspection, the exterior paint on the wood siding was a little worn and tired, the roof more green than we would have chosen, and the porch floor color and lighting choices were very different than what we wanted for the house. 

This summer we've been focusing on improving the curb appeal/making updates more to our taste for our home through a three step approach. 

After working through the first two major steps, our home is really starting to look great. The fresh paint is clean and crisp, the new roof color on our metal roof is much darker gray and less green, and the garden has really been coming into its own this summer.


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Metal Siding That Looks Like Real Wood!!

Hands down the most requested info about my in-laws house is where they sourced the wood-look siding. Its crazy good, even standing right underneath it you’d swear it was wood. So here are all the details! It’s made by a

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Celebrating the 4th of July with local flowers

Picnics, parades and barbecues are a staple of Independence Day celebrations here in the U.S.  For my family, the 4th of July is usually a laid back day, followed by a potluck and fireworks with friends down the road. Our spread typically includes strawberry shortcake loaded with local berries, grass-fed burgers and of course, a big ole […]

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Foursquare Curb Appeal Part 2 – Complete Exterior Paint Job

Continuing on our quest for curb appeal, we've tackled the next major step in our exterior project list at our "new" house, and I must say, I absolutely LOVE the results!

As we mentioned in our first post in this series when we talked about how we spruced up our flower beds, this summer we've also decided to approach improving the curb appeal and address some deferred maintenance items of our American Foursquare home in three distinct phases.

Yes, the exterior paint is the next major item on our list of projects, and boy is it needed. As you can see from the following photo, we have several examples where the paint on our siding had been compromised and was simply bubbling and peeling off.

This issue in the photo could been seen on all sides of the home's exterior. Alex even did a little bit of work last year to address some of the absolute worst sections on the front of the house.

Now, you know us as DIYers to the core, right? Well, we also like to fein that we're reasonable homeowners from time to time. When dealing with something that's a large scale project that requires many people to get it done in a timely manner, and would require a lot of work up high on ladders, my preference is to hire it out to the pros. As a result, when it came to painting our home (both now and when we last had our home painted in Alexandria), I look to a dependable painting crew. 

But before the crew could get to painting, we had some color selections to make, as well as some prep work we wanted to tackle ourselves.


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Thanks for the #floretbook love

It’s been fun to see our recently released book Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden:  Grow, Harvest and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms on the shelves of local bookstores. It’s even at Costco! I confess it is a little surreal to see some of the far-flung places across the world this little book has traveled. But what I love best […]

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Where To Get Encaustic Cement Tile at 1/2 the Price! (SERIOUSLY!!)

Guys!! Thank you so much for all of the love on yesterday’s sneak peek post!  We can’t wait to get it cleaned up and share more info! Its been such a fun project and there is SO much to share!

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