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Teamwork Yeah Yeah!

Hey guys! So its Friday, I’ve been spending the last week with my sisters and it has thrown my whole life off! It actually feels like Tuesday, but man was it awesome. Sisters are the greatest thing in the entire world (I keep hoping that Ivie and Dyl will learn that little lesson but as of right now they are like water and oil, Kanye and humility, me and beige. Any tips would be massively appreciated!

Mostly I just wanted to pop in and ask a massive favor. Remember Ivie’s room makeover?

Vintage Revivals Girls Bedroom Makeover-18

One of the reasons that I was happy dancing all over town about it is because Frogtape is donating $5000 to one of the six bloggers favorite charities! The charity that I’m playing for is The Children’s Miracle Network. I actually had an incredibly hard time narrowing my choice down but the thread in all of the ones that I love were the kids. Children’s Miracle Network was a way that I could benefit all of them and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Ok so, here is where you come in. The winner and their charity are determined by votes. If you could take just a sec and click over and vote, it would make all the difference in the world!!

You guys are wonderful, I am so blessed to have you in my life!


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