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Thanks for the #floretbook love

It’s been fun to see our recently released book Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden:  Grow, Harvest and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms on the shelves of local bookstores. It’s even at Costco! I confess it is a little surreal to see some of the far-flung places across the world this little book has traveled.

But what I love best of all is learning that the book has helped or inspired readers to get their hands dirty and grow some beauty in the garden this season.  I love hearing how the book prompted someone to grow cosmos for the first time or to try their hand at arranging summer blooms for party or to simply to bring a little nature indoors to enjoy.

photos by: @homefirefarm @fairshakefarm @southernheartsanddots and @gabpacifico

Share what you love or what you learned from Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden by posting photos and tagging captions with #floretbook on Instagram.  I’ll periodically feature a few here.

Special thanks to everyone who has already shared photos and tagged #floretbook on Instagram.  What a thrill to see the book on the summer reading list of flower lovers around the world.

photos by: @charmingeventscompany @oldhomesteadalpacas @splen_dith @furgusonflowerfarm


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