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The All New Vintage Revivals Shop!

Picture me post marathon, hands on my knees breathing like a crazy person with my face pale, sweaty and flarey nostrils. THAT is how I feel right now (without the actual exercise portion of course.) It has been a year in the making but the ALL NEW Vintage Revivals Shop is live and stocked and I am SO excited!!!

There are a few familiar favorites like the Himmeli Wreath Kits. They’ve now got a cousin, I’ve added the cutest planter kit!

Geometric Brass Hanging Planter DIY  vintagerevivalsshop.com-2


The signature Vintage Revivals cloth lamp cords are still there, but I’ve also added a Stick Light kit that is absolute perfection!

DIY Brass Stick Light Kits

But the thing that I am the most excited about (like cant sleep, eat, or breathe excited) are the Modern LDS Temple Prints. (For those that aren’t LDS, feel free to skip this paragraph!) Finding LDS art to use in my home has been sort of impossible. It seems like 90% of it is ultra traditional, and the other 10% is too cutesy. Its never just, cool.

A year ago I came up with this idea of overlaying transparent architectural drawings of the temples over gorgeous landscape photos of the area that the temple is in. For a year I couldn’t find the right landscapes. I hunted and stalked and tried to take matters into my own hands but the landscapes I was turning up just weren’t special enough.

Modern LDS Temple Prints vintagerevivalsshop.com-1-2


Until a late night instagram rabbit hole lead me to Tyler. You guys, he is the most amazing photographer that I’ve ever met. Really. I am so beyond honored to have him be part of this series and to share him with all of you. (If you’re getting married, he’s your guy!!)

Modern LDS Temple Prints-1


I love that each print highlights the natural beauty of the earth, without a trace of human life, and shows off the unique structures of each temple. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Guess who else is sauntering into the shop? The wooden animals from Mr. Brem’s Nursery!! I’ve got 2 sizes (the large is similar in scale to Brem’s wall, and the smaller dudes are perfect for the cutest project that is coming next week! Think Rast hack….

Wooden Animal Menagerie  vintagerevivalsshop.com-16

AND last but not least, I’ve got some of my favorite downloadable prints still available.

Now, because I love you so so much and because I’d love for you to pop over and check out the new shop (and let me know about any issues that might arise) if you use the coupon code SHOPLOVE you can pick out a FREE downloadable print of your choice! No strings attached! Of course, if you’d love to share the good news (wink wink) I’d super appreciate it! Code is good until midnight Saturday!

There are a few other features that you’ll notice if you poke around. One of a Kind Finds is where I’ll be selling some of my favorite scores. My storage unit(s) are starting to resemble the dog house on Sandlot…you know when it belches smoke? Its getting hairy in there to say the least. There is also an Artist of the Month tab where I’ll be featuring one of my favorite artisans/artists each month and linking to their shop (if you know someone who deserves to be featured, I’d love to know about them!) Make sure that you sign up for the newsletter while your over there so that you don’t miss anything!

Last thing. I’ll be refunding random orders throughout the weekend just as a big fat thank you for shopping. Maybe not the best business plan but I feel ok about it.

Ok so what are you waiting for? Get your cute butts over there and check it out!!

Vintage Revivals Shop Logo


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