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The Bathroom Fixture Choice That Surprised Even Me

Hey hey!! Guys are you ready to start talking about fun design stuff?! Sheesh, I’ve been writing this post for a month but my attention keeps getting diverted to things like drywall and framing. BUT NO MORE! Lets talk about our plumbing fixtures cause getting them is at the top of my “Most Exciting Merc Events!”

Going into this reno I felt like I was going to be walking this line between historic and modern, you guys know I love a good juxtaposition, but the further I get into it and the more the Merc spirit gets into my soul I just feel like the ultra modern isn’t right. Trust me when I say that I’ve spend many nights over the last year combing through design details and deciding how I want it to feel when you’re there.

I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with Kohler’s Purist line for years. We used it in my MIL’s house and trust me when I say doodling Mandi+Purist= ❤️ on my notebook is entirely warranted. It was almost such a no brainer to order Purist with Cross Handles in Brushed Gold that I didn’t even look to see what else was available. Its like when you go to your favorite restaurant and not even open the menu because you already know what you want. But guys, I’m SO glad that I didn’t pull the trigger that quickly cause I found something even more perfect.

We all know that Kohler is known for their innovative designs and unapologetic excellence. I hopped on Kohler.com and started scrolling. When I saw Kohler’s Artifacts collection I was intrigued but definitely not sold. The style of it seemed to fit with the era of the Merc so I clicked in for more info.  When I was looking through the finishes and saw their Vintage Nickel I was dead on the spot. IT WAS PERFECT. (It launched at the beginning of last year so its pretty new still!)

It has the right amount of personality while still being completely classic.  On top of that, it looks authentically aged enough that it really could have been original without the worry of it shooting out rust when you turn the handle. The pockmarks add a whole new level of interest to the pieces and I was head over heals in love. It is exactly what the Merc needs.

Kohler has a slew of different options to mix and match your way to a custom faucet, and for the bathroom sinks we ended up with the Column Spout and Prong handles though the Swing handles are just so good too.

If you’re a long time VR reader you might remember how my visit to the village of Kohler a few years ago opened my eyes (it really is like Disneyland!) and I’m so happy to finally be able to team up with them on a project, especially one as exciting as the Merc!

How are you feeling about this? Are you getting the Merc vibe?

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