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The Mini Nugget (You Have Got To See This Thing!!)

A little while ago I got an alert that I was tagged in a photo on Instagram, so I clicked over and was totally caught by surprise when I saw this:


Look closer. Did you catch that its not the real Nugget?I know that celebrities have people draw pictures of them all the time and tag them on insta, but that is not my life. But The Nugget? The Nugget is more famous than I’ll ever hope to be, and rightly so.

Emily used The Nugget as inspiration for a school project and made a mini version (its like 5” tall!!) Are you dying?! I’m DYING! Look at all the detail!





Can you even handle it?!

Check out the fun process pictures:










I am flattered beyond description. Emily you KILLED it. And you better have gotten an A+!!



Relive the entire Nugget Series here!

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