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The Rock What Ya Got Budget Bathroom Makeover

Ok so, you know when you’re just itching to do something but you don’t want to spend any money, and you walk around the house just looking for a victim?

Something that can be updated and makes a significant impact but doesn’t cost much? I’ve hated our bathrooms since we moved in. I feel like (especially the main one) stands out like a sore thumb with its glaring beigey-ness and sucky tile. But it sat, because I didn’t really know what direction to take it. I mean do we do a full on reno? Just paint the walls and maybe the cabinet?  Back and forth, back and forth.

Bathroom Makeover-1

When I got serious about it about 2 months ago and started really looking at the logistics (instead of just thinking about it) I realized that we had a bunch of stuff already that would not only work beautifully, but tie it together with the rest of the house, I was EXCITED!

Enter the Rock What Ya Got Bathroom Makeover. This is like the budget of all budget makeovers. Speaking of budgets, ours is $750 for a complete bathroom remodel. Are we nuts?

After looking at what we could afford and what was still ok, we decided to keep the bathtub and surround (we would have spend our entire load on just that element) and the toilet. Everything else is getting the ax. Picture me doing the Alison “The Ax” Axelrod chop from Full House.



Project number 1 was tile. Court and I are convinced that the worst job in the ENTIRE HOUSE is taking out tile. It is so laborious and dusty. The kind of dust that stinks and sucks all the moisture out of the air.

Vintage Revivals Budget Bathroom Makeover-3


The tile we used was left over from our kitchen. You can read all about why we chose it here. Plain and simple, its awesome.

Vintage Revivals Budget Bathroom Makeover-4


Our kitchen tile was laid in a herringbone pattern, but we decided to lay the floor in a 1/2 step or offset pattern in the bathroom because the space is small and the tile is very not small.

After the tile was laid, it was time to paint over the beige beast. I had a moment of panic after we put the primer coat on (remember this post?) because it made the tub and surround look yellow. But instead of using my normal white (White base with 3oz of white added) I used Alabaster, the same warmish white that I used in Brem’s Nursery. It added just the right amount of warmth to the wall color without looking yellow against the tile.

Vintage Revivals Budget Bathroom Makeover-8


Up next, the vanity!






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