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We Finally Fixed our Antique Morbier Grandfather Clock!!

Our lovely antique grandfather clock has been sitting at 4:43 am for over five years!

It’s crazy to think about it, but if you’ve seen our clock, either in person or in photos since 2010, it’s always read the same time. This means that the clock has actually been at 4:43 ever since we’ve been writing for this blog! Lulu has never heard this clock’s chime, and for Mel, over 1/3 of his life has passed since he last heard the bell ding. Our dining room was even on the cover of Old House Journal a few years ago, and the clock was sitting at 4:43! But how did we get to this point?

This beauty came into our home after a lengthy search for a clock that would both meet our tastes and tight budget. After years of searching Wendy found this magnificent clock on eBay back in 2005. The tall case clock is an American case custom built in the 1840s for a French Morbier “Sun Burst” movement from the 1830s. After we won the auction and nervously had it shipped from Colorado, we carefully assembled it in our home to get it up and running in the dining room, where it ran flawlessly for about five years. 

It’s an eight day clock, which means we have to wind it once a week, which is not too bad. For a chime the bell rings the hour count on the hour and a single ding on the half hour. It was fully restored but it has tons of original character while remaining in excellent shape. In short, we absolutely love this clock!

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