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When Do Home Updates Actually Pay Off!?!

This post was written in partnership with Travelers Insurance.

How often when you’re doing a project, do you think about how it’s going to affect the value of your house? Having been through the selling process fairly recently I was very onboard when Travelers Insurance asked if I would be open to chatting about the biggest (and most profitable) projects you can take on that will boost the value of your house.

We hear over and over again that kitchen and bathrooms sell houses. If you’ve ever watched a show on HGTV you’ve had this drilled into your head on every occasion, but just how much does having an updated kitchen or a new bathroom really increase the value of your house or increase its sell-ability?! Travelers breaks it down space by space (how great is it that they’ve done all the work and we can just plan accordingly?!)

Did you know that a kitchen refresh has approximately the same ROI percentage that a full blown kitchen renovation has? If your house is teetering on that line of maybe feeling a little outdated but everything still is in great working condition a refresh is in your future! That is where our kitchen was. The cabinetry and appliances were just fine, the colors and finishes however were a little outdated. We replaced the tile, painted the walls, and added a backsplash and it TOTALLY changed the entire space from outdated and grubby to clean and on trend.

Its pretty miraculous what a little paint and tile can do right?!

This bathroom update at my in laws was extremely budget friendly—would you believe that we spent less than $1000?! Before I got my hands on it it was stuck in 1992, and that my friends is a dark and lonely place for a bathroom to be. With a little work, we were able to make it something that any homeowner would be proud to call their master bath.


If you’re thinking about moving, or looking to increase the value of your home, race over to see the 5 areas with the highest ROI and how they can increase the sellability of your house!!


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