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Workshop Registration Update

As I shared with our newsletter subscribers earlier today, (if you don’t get Floret newsletters, be sure sign up here) with my book due out in February, we’ve chosen to scale back our on-farm workshop offerings next year to make room for the release and also to have more time with our families. Floret will be hosting just FOUR workshops in 2017: three Flower Farming Intensives and one Floral Design Intensive.

UPDATE: All of our workshops are currently sold out. The level of interest, excitement and demand was beyond anything we could have imagined. Over the course of the last year, we upgraded to a more robust server in order to handle the increased web traffic, yet some users still reported having site issues.  The checkout system processed payments in the order in which they were received. Once the tickets sold out, however, customers with tickets still in their carts or in the process of purchasing tickets received error messages when they should have received messages saying the workshop was sold out.  Again, we apologize for the frustration that this caused. We have an inbox full of emails that we’re working to sift through and answer, so if you haven’t heard from us yet, please hold tight.

I am so excited to meet the participants who were able to snag seats for next year’s workshop.  I’m also equally aware that many folks are disappointed we sold out so fast or are frustrated by the site issues and I feel terrible about that. Please know that my team and I are working tirelessly to sort it all out.  As I shared before,  I am very aware of how much need there is for this type of education, and were working on something very special that should help tremendously. It’s gonna take us some time, but it’s coming.  Thanks so much for your patience.  

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